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Christmas Romper Little Print

Christmas Romper Little Print

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Organic baby romper/ dungarees handmade in the best quality for your little one, made from 95% organic cotton and 5% Lycra providing flexibility when moves and stretches but recovers its shape, is easy to wash and very fast drying.

Matching leggings, harem pants and bibs available!
I would just like to reiterate this vital benefit of organic cotton baby clothing. Babies take in a lot more of the chemicals and toxins in anything – especially if they’re covered in it all day. Organic cotton baby clothes limit this exposure and helps keep your little one healthy and happy!

Increases Comfort – The feel of organic cotton is much better than conventional cotton. I’m sure you can imagine how much the chemicals cut down on how soft and comfortable organic cotton really feels. By using organic cotton baby clothes you will have your baby feeling as if they’re on a cloud – okay, maybe not that great but they’ll be very comfortable! 
Safer & Lasts Longer – Studies show that organic cotton is safer for infants. Due to the absence of toxic chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides and pesticides, cotton plants can grow naturally while keeping all the nutrients intact. Moreover, organic cotton is superior in quality. Since it can retain its natural state, organic cotton is antimicrobial, mold resistant and smooth. These characteristics allow the skin to breathe and avoid skin allergies making the baby happy and comfortable.

Cotton harvesters, on the other hand, now rely on natural solutions to lure insects away. Avoiding the use of harmful chemicals does not only benefit infants but the harvesters as well.

If you really want to make a difference in your baby’s life, then organic cotton baby clothing is the way to go. There’s really no better way to dress your baby than in real, organic, comfortable, and toxin-free clothes!

To keep you clothes looking new please wash inside out max 40 degrees, hang to dry, no tumble dry and warm iron.

All items take 10-14 days to make and ship our products are handmade to order in  Surrey.